Barry Lyndon

“Don't even think about it. Get down off that horse. Raise your hands high above your head, please.”

From Barry Lyndon, 1975

Do you love classic films? Watching a classic movie on a weekend night with a loved one offers a relaxing way to conclude a busy and stressful week. How would you like to watch a movie from the 70’s with a big bowl of popcorn? Watching a movie allows you to experience human drama as it unfolds on your television screen. Barry Lyndon movie is among the most loved movies of the 70’s.

Barry Lyndon stars actor Ryan O’Neil as Barry Lyndon/Redmond Barry, Marisa Berenson as Lady Lyndon, Patrick Magee as the Chevalier, Hardy Kruger as Captain Potzdorf, Steven Berkoff as Lord Ludd, Gay Hamilton as Nora Brady, Marie Kean as Barry’s mother, Frank Middlemass as Sir Charles Lyndon, and Andre Morell as Lord Wendover among others.

The story is set in the 18th century where an Irish rascal successfully wins the love of a rich widow. The Barry Lyndon movie is divided into two parts. In the first part Barry Lydon assumes the aristocracy of the lady’s dead husband. The story starts in a small village in Ireland where a young farm boy name Redmond Barry struggles to win the love of his cousin Nora Brady.

However, Nora’s eye is set upon a British Captain John Quin and the two become engaged to be >married. Not wanting to accept the defeat of his heart, Redmond Barry challenges the British Captain into a duel of pistols. Barry wins the duel but escapes to Dublin. Along the way he is rubbed and became hopeless. His situation leads him to join the British army during which he fights with the British during the seven years war. Soon after he desserts the British army and join the Prussian army.

While serving his new ally, Redmond Barry saves the life of his captain when he dragged him out of a burning house during the battle with the French troops. Because of this, Redmond Barry became the captain’s trusted soldier and protégé. After the war Redmond becomes the servant of the Irish Gambler Chevalier de Baribari arranged by the Prussian minister of police because of the suspicion that Baribari is a spy.

Redmond becomes an ally of Baribari, seduces, and marries the wealthy Lady Lyndon during which he became obsess of this new found nobility where he takes the name Barry Lyndon. There were always differences between Barry and his step son Bullingdon, whom he beats to get the control over him. Lady Lyndon was also in much grief because of the loveless marriage and the death of her and Barry’s son Bryan, so she seeks some solace from religion.

Later on, in the battle with his step son he loses his right leg, and eventually Bullingdon takes the control of the estate. Barry Lyndon has to leave the estate after taking 500 guineas and again resumes the former profession of a gambler, but with no success. He then resides in England and become powerful beyond his wildest dreams.

This Barry Lyndon movie logically shows the life of the 18th century which is meticulous and philosophically stimulating according to some critics. This movie successfully paints a detailed picture of 18th century Europe. This ironic film is a masterpiece by director Stanley Kubrick who also writes the movie’s story.

These are some of the awards bagged by Barry Lyndon: an Oscar award in four categories and nominations in three more categories including: Best Director, Best Picture and Best writing.

The Barry Lyndon movie also won BAFTA award for two categories in 1976 and nominated for three more categories. The various other awards won by Barry Lyndon are British Society of Cinematographers, Cinema Writers Circle Award, DGA award, Golden Globe award and many more.

If you want to watch a classic movie which portrays 18th century Europe, then Barry Lyndon film will surely stimulate your senses and transform you into the period. Barry Lyndon is a mixture of so many emotions like love, hatred, jealousy, betray, violence and is to be watched for enjoying the excellent work of the genius director Stanley Kubrick.

The direction of Stanley Kubrick for Barry Lyndon is excellent and wonderful and the narration of Barry Lyndon is melancholic. By viewing Barry Lyndon movie, we can observe that he always followed misfortunes. Initially by not getting true love and after finding true love he leaves her for the wealth, and he loses his son, friends, well wishers and the lady whom he marries, and at the end he loses his leg also.

This masterpiece captures the shape and rhythm of human life. The landscape on the other hand does not only offer cinematic interest but as a part of the main character’s life. Barry Lyndon movie is a three hour beautiful drama of life presented in the most picturesque manner which will remain in the viewers mind for a long time.

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