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Quote Number: 11085
Submitted By: Andrew, Quinney R
Guessed By: Adams, Jack

Hint 1: say his name FIVE TIMES!!!
Hint 2: VIRGINA MADSEN stars in this HORROR LEGEND, that makes BLAIR WITCH look like a CARDBOARD BOX.
Quote: 1. HELEN!!! 2. Yes? 1. HELEN!!! 2. Who is that? 1. HELEN!!, I CAME FOR YOU!!! 2. Do I know you? 1. NO, BUT YOU DOUBTED ME!! 2. I'm sorry I have to go. 1. NO NEED TO LEAVE YET! 2. But, I'm late. 1. YOU ARE NOT CONTEMPT WITH THE STORIES, SO I WAS OBLIGED TO COME!! Be MY VICTIM!!! I'm the WRITING ON THE WALLS, the WHISPER IN THE CLASSROOMS, without these things, I AM NOTHING!!! So, now I MUST SHED INNOCENT BLOOD!!! COME WITH ME!! "It's Danny, sir." Ty: "Danny."

Movie Title: Candyman

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