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Quote Number: 11407
Submitted By: Maus, Adi
Guessed By: Server, Joe

Hint 1: the kernel, with his wee beady eyes...
Hint 2: woman, woman, woman
Quote: Look at the size a' that boy's head--it's like an orange and a toothpick! Well that's a huge noggin!--that's a virtual planetoid, has it's own weather system. I'm not kiddin that boy's head's like sputnik--spherical yet quite pointy at paths. HEED! PAPER! NOW!! Move that head a' yers and get the paper if ya can--haulin that gargantuan cranium about...He'll be cryin himself to sleep tonight on his huge pilla! "It's Danny, sir." Ty: "Danny."

Movie Title: So I Married an Axe Murderer

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