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Quote Number: 13458
Submitted By: Maroon, Anna Marie
Guessed By: Gekko, Gordon Greed

Hint 2: billy loomis, come on now
Quote: Oh, yeah, well let's redirect the moment, Mr. I'm-So-Original, huh? Where's your innovation, huh? Why copycat two high-school loser ass dick heads? Stu was a pussy-ass wet rag and Billy Loomis... Billy Loomis... What the fuck! Jesus! What a rat lookin', homo-repressed, momma's boy! Why not set your goals higher, huh?! YOU WANNA BE ONE OF THE BIG BOYS, huh? Manson, Bundy, O.J., Some "It's Danny, sir." Ty: "Danny."

Movie Title: Scream 2

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