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Quote Number: 19354
Submitted By: 2623
Guessed By: wilson, jeff brian

Hint 1: Randy
Hint 2: After class
Quote: 1. 300 people watched nobody did anything they thought it was a publicty stunt for crist sakes 2. And it would have been a good one too 1. It's starting again Randy 2. It's not alot of shit happens in at the movies people get robbed, shot, mamied murdered mulitplexs is just a dangerous place these days 1. and you are in extream denail 2. you should be to this has nothing to do with us 1. Randy a guy in a ghoast mask hacked up to people in a movie therate telling our life story "It's Danny, sir." Ty: "Danny."

Movie Title: Scream 2

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