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QUOTE NUMBER : The Replacement Killers Movie Quote

  • 5459 : #1 I want forged documents #2 ok you said forged
  • 19299 : The boy will die John......& your family! Not in your lifetime!!

    When your best hired killer decides to have a change in conscience, just remember one thing. Do not get on his bad side. If you happen to, however, just make sure you can hire replacement killers that can get the job done, or you too, can count yourself a mark on your best killer’s list.

    The Replacement Killers is the story of a Chinatown drug-lord’s mistake, as he seeks revenge for the death of his son during a police raid. Enlisting his best killer to exact the same price from the cop in charge of the raid, the drug-lord is left in a very awkward situation as his killer will not pull the trigger on the policeman’s seven year old son.

    John Lee, a hit-man who owes a debt to Mr. Wei, a powerful Chinatown gangster, finds himself on the run after failing to kill a young boy under orders from the powerful man. Knowing that Wei will not only try to kill him, but his family as well, Lee enlists the help of a master forger named Meg to help him get back to China to protect his wife and child. No sooner have the two just met, and Wei’s replacement killers are knocking on their door.

    The knocking soon turns to shooting as John and Meg fight their way out, but the running is far from over when they are dealing with a powerful man such as Wei. Unfortunately for the two fugitives, the ruckus caused in Meg’s room has the police on their trail as well. Wave after wave of Wei’s replacement killers tries to take John and Meg down, but when they’re up against John Lee, they’re up against the best.

    The Replacement Killers brings a side of hit-men to light that few ever concern themselves with like trying to do strange things. Many times, the most decent family man can turn out to be the most exacting killer, and it is these people, such as John Lee, that no one should ever double cross.

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