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  • 5647 : Zeke: I'm gone five minutes and everyone goes alien on me. You're going to f*cking sniff this if I have to get Men In Black on your a**!
  • 6763 : Casey thinks you're an alien
  • 7135 : I believe no one should run unless there being chaced.
  • 7136 : I believe no one should run unless there being chaced.
  • 7137 : I belive a person shouldn't run unless there being chased.
  • 8984 : Sorry buddy.
  • 8985 : T.C. when did you become Sigornet Weaver?
  • 8986 : It's your birth man just fucking take it.
  • 10304 : Why? Because 3 days before we play the only team that can kick our ass my star quarterback decides he wants to quit.
  • 10627 : And what am I supposed to do while you're on a yellow-brick quest for a brain?
  • 12918 : When did you become Sigourney Weaver?
  • 14806 : (1) Watch out! (2)I'm sorry, I was breathing here.
  • 15258 : get a fucking eye dog
  • 15362 : So youre saying that aliens have been setting us up all these years, with their E.T. and Men in Black movies so that no one would believe it if it really happened?
  • 15844 : Casey, I think you've been run into the flag pole one too many times.
  • 19576 : Consider yourselves dead Friday night. DEAD!
  • 19577 : A) Walk much? B) You ran into me beast.
  • 19578 : Get a fucking eye dog
  • 21629 : Bi-polar bitch!
  • 21804 : He's tweaking let him fucking tweak!
  • 24034 : (laughing hysterically) showdown!!!!

    “The Faculty” is a chilling movie that was released in 1998. Kevin Williamson, the writer of Scream, wrote the story of this science fiction and Robert Rodriguez, who directed films like From Dusk till Dawn, and Desperado, directed this film. Marco Beltrami composed the music for this horror film. The story revolves around six students at Harrington High School, who succeed in preventing an alien parasitic infection from taking over human race. This parasite enters into human beings through their ears, and once inside, it commands the brain of the infected person to do all it can to spread the infection. Therefore, the infected person starts behaving differently from his or her normal behavior, and tries to inject the organism into other healthy human beings.

    The story starts at the Harrington High School, where all the personnel, and faculties are already infected. Josh Hartnett plays the role of an intelligent young student, Zeke Tyler, whose parents travel a lot so that they can avoid being with him. Zeke becomes indifferent to graduating, and is repeating the senior year at the school. Zeke also sells a compound that he has developed to other students. The effect of this compound is similar to that of cocaine. Zeke is one of the six students that eventually stall the alien parasite from succeeding in its mission. Stan Rosado is another student from this group. Stan is an athletic person, with a passion for football. But Stan is wants to concentrate on his studies, and has left the football team for the moment. Shawn Hatosy plays Stan’s role in the movie. Stokely Mitchell (played by Clea DuVall), better known to her freinds as Stokes, is one of the girl students at the school. She is heavily into literary stuff, and finds herself isolated from the rest of the students. In defiance, she declares herself to be a lesbian and behaves as if she doesn’t need others. But the fact is that she fancies Stan. Delilah Profit, played by Jordana Brewster, is Stan’s girlfriend in this film. Delilah is well liked by other students. However, anybody crossing her path is in for nasty surprises. Delilah is also the chief editor of a newsletter run by the students of the school. Elijah Wood plays the role of Casey Conner in this movie. Casey is shown to be a very sharp boy who is constantly bullied by fellow students. Casey is also a good photographer. Therefore, it is not surprising that the school’s newspaper utilizes his services. Casey, however, secretly fancies Delilah. Marybeth Louise Hutchinson (played by Laura Harris) is a newcomer at the school. She is from Atlanta. She is an orphan living with her relatives. Her parents are no more. They died in a gruesome car accident. Stokely and Marybeth have become good friends.

    One of the infected faculty members sends all students in his class to Rosa Harper, a nurse to get their ears checked. Salma Hayek plays the nurse’s role. Casey, however, knew that the nurse is infected, because he was hiding in a closet in the teacher’s lounge, when the nurse was assaulted and infected by Mrs. Olson (played by Piper Laurie), and Coach Willis (played by Robert Patrick). Following the insertion of the parasite, the nurse’s brain was taken over by the alien organism. Casey reports the incident to Delilah, Stan, and Stokely, and also informs them about what is being planned by the alien parasite acting through the faculty at the school. While the four are discussing this at science lab, Marybeth, and Zeke pass by the lab and hear something about aliens being discussed inside. They enter the lab, and Casey tells them about what he has witnessed. Everybody is skeptical. A little later Mr. Furlong (played by Jon Stewart), the science faculty at the school, enters the lab, and tries to infect these students. Zeke draws out the pen in which he stores the compound that he sells, and jabs it right into the science faculty’s eye accidentally. To their surprise, the drug kills the alien in the science teacher’s eye. They conclude that the alien needs a lot of water for surviving, and since Zeke’s drug is diuretic, it was able to control it. Now, however, all five believe in what Casey told them.

    In the meanwhile, all the students at the school are infected, and they start giving intent looks. Zeke and the other five leave for Zeke’s house, taking along with them, the sample of alien parasite. They confirm the effect of Zeke’s drug on the alien parasite. Stokely suggests that killing other students may be uncalled for. Instead, they should search for the queen alien, and kill her, whereby these worker alien organisms would become dysfunctional. While they try to identify the symptoms, they realize that they too have acted strangely of late. Soon, they start mistrusting each other, hurling accusations. Stan becomes a suspect, because he left football team, Casey becomes a suspect because he is normally inclined to be afraid, but has dared to learn about the parasite. Therefore, each one is asked to snort Zeke’s compound, which would show whether or not they are infected. Delilah however refuses to snort the compound when it is her turn, and she reveals that she is infected. She then damages almost entire stock of Zeke’s compound going so far as even ruining even the apparatuses that would enable him to make some more. After such damage, she leaves with a bang through the wall. Now, there are only five of them. They carry the remaining compound back to the school. When they reach there, they find that people from town are watching the football match. Presuming that Principal Drake (played by Bebe Neuwirth) may be the host of the queen, they inject her with the Zeke’s compound. She dies, but the desired effect is not seen in the other infected people. While searching for queen alien, Stan also gets infected. Soon, the four run short of supplies, and Casey and Zeke leave the grounds to fetch some more of the drug from Zeke’s car, leaving Stokely, and Marybeth at the school gym. Casey gives Zeke an opportunity to reach his car by becoming a source of distraction. Even after reaching the car Zeke is obstructed by Miss Burke (Farnke Janssen). Zeke manages to separate her head from her body, but she soon fixes it back. Before Casey and Zeke return, Marybeth who had snorted Zeke’s compound, exposes herself as the queen alien to Stokely. She comes into her alien form, which resembles a large marine animal. The attention of others was on Delilah when it was Marybeth’s turn for snorting Zeke’s compound. Therefore, she had blocked the passage of her nostrils, and thrown away the drug. Casey reaches the gym, and now, both Stokely and Casey run for their life, away from Marybeth, as Zeke has not yet returned with the compound from his car. By the time Zeke returns, Stokely is also infected. Only Casey now remains is now human being. Together the two battle with Marybeth. Zeke passes out, and Marybeth tries to win Casey over to her side, explaining how she landed on earth and noticed that everybody was dissatisfied with life, and isolated. She explains that it was then that she decided to infect everybody, so that human beings could enjoy a better life where there will be less discord, and more cooperation. Marybeth even goes to the extent of stripping for Casey, hoping that Casey would be drawn towards her. However, Casey is not taken in. He escapes and accidentally traps Marybeth under gym’s bleachers. This gives Casey a chance to jab Zeke’s drug in her eyes. Marybeth dies, and everybody who was infected returns to their normal behavior.

    Zeke now realizes the worth of his intelligence, and starts focusing on studies. He also becomes a member of the football team. Casey and Delilah pair up as boyfriend and girlfriend, while Stan and Stokely become the other pair. Delilah is more amicable and forgiving now, and Casey gets respect amongst students for his documentation of this encounter with the alien. FBI, however, refuses to accept any such occurrence. Some students continue to bully others, the way they used to bully Casey. But that is what is normal about being a human being.

Managing a help desk would be easier than dealing with the faculty in this movie. Great suspense.

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