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  • 6548 : Oh God, Its the male. NO!!! YOU WILL NOT HURT HIM!!! TURN AROUND!!!! TURN AROUND!!!!!
  • 16001 : For the lucky ones it's a lifetime in legbraces, most of these kids won't make it

    A sickness starts to spread across Manhattan, targeting children. With deadly results, the sickness starts to read epidemic proportions, until the cause is found. The question is, what do you do when a disease that is killing off children is spread by a carrier so vast and uncontrollable as the common cockroach?

    Dr. Peter Mann, desperate to find a way to stop the millions of insects responsible for the deaths, contacts Dr. Susan Tyler, and entomologist, or insect specialist. With the culprit so widespread, the only possible answer is generate a killer that can duplicate their populace. Susan succeeds in creating a hybrid insect, known as the Judas Breed, that secretes a lethal toxin to cockroaches, and to ensure that her hellish creation does not have an effect on the diversity of species on earth, she designs them with the inability to recreate.

    After the release of the super-bugs, the result could not be more pleasing. The deaths start to decline, and the cockroaches meet their end. The epidemic is under control, thanks to the brilliant genetic work of Susan. But the worst is still to come.

    Three years after the release of the devilish insects, people start to disappear, then turning up in grotesque states, the obvious victims of a cold blooded killer. After some careful detective work, it is determined that the killers are not human, but instead disguise themselves as humans in order to lure their prey down to the subways, where they feed. Dr. Susan Tylerís creation survived the extinction process, and is now jumping the rungs of the food chain to challenge the humans at the top.

    Mimic comes to a chilling conclusion as Dr. Mann and Dr. Tyler, along with a subway system employee, search out the immense population of the humanoid Judas Breed. Using kitchen utensils, they have been able to find a way to communicate with the six foot long beasts. In an ending considered by many to by lackluster, Mimic brings about a turn of events that open the door for two later sequels.

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