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  • 9115 : She said I just wasn't the same after the cold war ended.
  • 21202 : #1, IT'S GONNA BE BIG!. #2 IT'S GONNA BE BIG!. # Is it gonna be toady?#1 Damn it (character)get down!
  • 21203 : #1, IT'S GONNA BE BIG!. #1 IT'S GONNA BE BIG!. #2 Is it gonna be toady?#1 Damn it (character)get down!
  • 21452 : I feel I was denied...critical...need-to-know...information!

    The movie “Tremors 2: Aftershocks” was released in 1996 and was the sequel to the movie “Tremors”. This movie was produced by Christopher DeFaria and Nancy Roberts. It was written by S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock. Music was done by Jay Ferguson and it was released by Universal Studios.

    This movie has some of the same stars as the first movie. Fred Ward and Michael Gross play the same roles they had in the first movie. This movie has Earl, played by Fred Ward, being approached by Mexican officials at his home while his wife was doing some cross stitch. They claim to have seen the publicity about him and his friend Val and the Graboids. They ask him to come with them to help fight what they think are also Graboids.

    Earl is offered $50,000 for each Graboid he kills. Since he needs the money he agrees to helping them out. They set out with lots of dynamite and other explosives. Luckily, they manage to kill 15 of them rather easily. This was a lot more than what they had back in Perfection, Nevada.

    When it gets to be too much for him he calls his old friend Burt, played by Michael Gross. Burt was an ammunitions expert and could help him figure out a way to kill the rest of them. In this movie the Graboids evolve into Shreikers. Shreikers can run around on two legs and they screech or scream when they hear something. The rest of the movie revolves around finding a way to eliminate the new creatures and stay alive in the process. The movie Tremors 2: Aftershocks is a great family movie. It is perfect for people of all ages

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