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  • 18458 : Just because I'm carying the joy of killing your family inside me doesn't mean we can't be friends.
  • 18975 : "How's the family? Still dead huh? Well that's reality for ya!"
  • 18976 : "Hey pal. How's the family? Still dead huh? Well that's reality for ya!"

    Virtuosity was released in 1995 as an American Science Fiction film that was directed by Brett Leonard. The story is based on a virtual villain's successful entrance into the "real world". SID 6.7. Eric Bernt wrote the film telling the story of a virtual reality murderer. The budget is estimated to be in the region of $30,000,000. The main stars of this film were Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Released by Paramount pictures, the film demonstrates the use of several technologies. Virtuosity features a lot of strong futuristic violence including brutal beatings.

    Virtuosity is driven by gimmicks and appeals more to individuals interested in computers although those who love sci-fi should also enjoy this film. Sometimes watching Denzel Washington's hairdo change from short cut in fantasy to dreadlocks in the real world is the only way to know if the film is portraying a real world or a virtual reality world scene.

    This film is surreal and it is amazing to watch such small details written into a film like the way Sid bleeds blue ooze. Sid can also regenerate body parts with his silicon nanotechnology cells. Ex cop Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) is imprisoned, but is freed on the agreement that he will hunt down cyberspace murderer Sid 6.7(Russell Crowe). Sid was created as a training tool for police except things soon start to go wrong when Sid escapes. Surprisingly Sid is capable of performing mass murders. It is an interesting story and one in the third series of fascinating near-misses for director Brett Leonard. It is memorable mostly for Russell Crowe's early performance. The film begins on strong ground and uncovers some amazing concepts.

    Virtuosity is a complex movie with a story that is thought provoking and interesting. The story is easy to follow with clever ideas. It appeals to the type of people who like movies that give them something good to think about. Russell Crowe pulls off another great performance and is very convincing as a psychotic serial murderer. Although the government's Law Enforcement believe they have created a prototype that is technologically advanced and capable of helping the police, what they don't bargain for is the damage that this prototype is capable of.

    The whole idea behind creating a full sensory simulation VR with SID was that if the police in the virtual reality simulator could catch SID then they could catch anyone. However the first task was discovering if the idea worked. The police decide to do this by using prisoners to see if the idea works. Whilst two prisoners were in virtual reality, SID possessing the advanced intelligence of 183 madmen worked out how to raise the neural sensitivity calibrations in the virtual reality program which made the pain received more deadly than real life. Without uncovering any major plot lines this film is definitely worth watching.

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