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  • 12268 : Hedrix lost the keys to the jeep and I could't find the spares.
  • 12276 : It doesn't hurt to ask, sometimes beautiful girls are the loneliest.
  • 13249 : #1 I want Fruit Loops. #2 You get Cheerios

    As the name suggests JAWS 2 is 2nd sequel in continuation to the 1st two parts of JAWS.Directed by Joe Alves this movie is set up at a waterpark which encounters horrifying incidents as the the water park opens for the sea world.A white shark being the reason.The staff somehome succeeds in capturing the shark only to realise it is the baby shark whos giant mother is still in the waters taking lives of the people.

    To make the movie more interesting and more appealing to the audience 3-D version of the movie was being introduced.The 3-d version indeed can be accpeted as the creditor for making this movie a success.This feature of the movie came as a treat for the audience as it was not something new to them.As a result this movie attracted large audience only because of its 3-D version.

    Lots of emphasis has been put upin giving the real scary look to the shark and its movements.This film is action packed with some great water stunts being performed.Special effects team has put up lots of efforts to match the real and the graphicaly made effects and then to sum them up into a 3-D version.

    The vast change in this version of the series is that it does not cast the same people who were appointed in the first two movies.And so the audience see new faces in the movie which comes as a positive for some and negative for somepoint.Some of the actors who have worked in this movie are Dennis Quaid as Micheal, Bess Armstrong as Kathryn Morgan and Simon MacCorkindale as Philip.

    As per some critics this movie is better than its last version in the series and has been accepted as entertaining.Special effects,decent dialogues,and upto the mark presented screening has made it well presentable and watheable by a large number of audience.It justified itself in proving to be if not best then better in the JAWS series.

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