Fifty Shades Of Grey

"I have a natural instinct for what makes people tick."

From - Fifty Shades Of Grey. 2015

Women everywhere finally get the chance to take a thought in their minds from a book to the big screen. The movie takes the suspense from the book to a place the viewer loves to go.... into the mind of Anastasia.

The movie is about a young student named Anastasia and her life. Her life, however, changes like crazy when she meets the very good looking, yet tormented Christian Grey. Oh, and Christian has a ton of money!

The movie hit theaters on February 13, 2015. Right before Valentines Day. Quite adventerous if you ask me. The movie is an adaptation of the book and will leave viewers yearning through the twists and turns of a young, innocent college student who catches the eye of a businessman with a tough upbringing. When they first meet in an interview catches the viewers attention right from the get go.

Coming from E.L James best selling novel that touches on S&M and the power and intrigue illuminated from a rich businessman, innocent college student and all the desires power and substance can deliver, Fifty Shades Of Grey takes the viewer on a journey through amazing twists and turns.

The substance of the movie is remarkable and definitely delivers. Suspense, sexuality, confusion and lust fill the movie screen. My favorite scene is the interview. It's such an awkward moment. He lets her know from the beginning his need for control. He tells her he had a rough start in life. That is all he tells her. "Enlighten me then" is a quote that will stick through your mind for sure. we predict this movie qill be one of the top movies of 2015. On top of that, tehre are plenty of movie quotes taht will be added to our database as well. The quotes from the trailer alone are great. We assume many more will be added. Make sure you add your favorite quotes from Fifty Shades of Grey after you watch the movie.

Here Is The Official Trailer To Fifty Shades Of Grey. Enjoy!

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