Finding Nemo


From Finding Nemo, 2003

It all started one beautiful morning where Marlin , an Ocellaris clownfish and Coral were enjoying the day just like any ordinary day. Being together and awaiting the arrival of their little ones bring excitement to both of them. They had so much love and understanding for each other. They are contented and happy together as a family in the ocean world. Coral’s instinct as the mother of unhatched eggs to protect them suddenly feel something different is going on at the moment. It was quiet, so deafening quiet that Coral looked around for some signs. Marlin noticed something is bugging Coral and came closer to ask what is going on. But Coral shoo Marlin to be quiet instead. From a distance, Coral can see a big shadow heading their way. In a second, she realized the dangers coming especially for the little ones. All she had in mind that very moment is to protect them and she don’t have enough time. Quickly, she swam heading to the eggs and that caught the attention of the barracuda. Within seconds, Coral was gone as well as the eggs. Marlin was knocked out trying to protect his family. When he woke up, he search for his family and was devastated to find out Coral dead and lost all eggs. Wait! I see something, Marlin thought. One egg survived Marlin was so happy.

Nemo is growing fast. Marling named him Nemo as that was Coral wants to name one of them. He grew up with one small, weak fin, which Marlin assures him it is his "lucky fin". On the first day of school, Nemo’s classmate were teasing him of his overprotective father. He decided to swim in the open water to prove to everyone that he is capable of swimming just like anybody. While heading to the open water, a scuba diver who was swimming up captured Nemo before climbing his boat and speed off. The propeller made it hard for Marlin to keep up with the boat. Frantic, Marlin doubled his effort to catch up but he no longer can see the boat. He continued his search and along the way met Dory who happens to suffer from short term memory loss. Dory stayed with Marlin in search for Nemo. They found the diver’s mask dropped by the boat at the ocean floor and fortunately, Dory can read. The mask showed Sydney, Australia written on it. With that in hand the two set to find Nemo. They had a few adventures along the way and Marlin’s determination to search for Nemo became known to all the sea creatures. The sea creatures help them along the way.

On land, Nemo is being added to the diver’s collection of fishes in the tank with a sever case of insomnia at times. The diver who is a dentist has a niece named Darla who is known to be mean to pets. While meeting the other fish in the tank, led by Gill, they overheard that the dentist plans to give Nemo to his niece Darla. They were all fearful for Nemo. They devised a plan for their escape. They need Nemo as the smallest fish in the tank to swim up to the tank filter and disable it. This would make the tank so dirty that the dentist has to take them all out in order to clean the tank. Nemo agreed. The first attempt was unsuccessful. Nemo is losing hope. Just then, a brown pelican named Nigel who have heard about Marlin’s quest to find Nemo showed up and told Nemo his dad is coming for him. This time, Nemo is determined to escape. He was able to disable the water filter the second attempt. However, the plan did not help as the dentist installed an automatic tank cleaner the following day. There was not enough time to escape.

Marlin and Dory were heading to Sydney, Australia amidst scary adventures with the jellyfish along the way. With the help of the sea turtles, they were able to get to Sydney, Australia in less time. They were met by Nigel and was lead to the dentist’s office. The dentist was preparing Nemo to be given to Darla so Nemo acted dead hoping he would be flush in the toilet leading to the sea. The dentist who was not happy to see Nigel tried to shut the windows close but the brown pelican cause a stir inside the office which helped Nemo escaped.

Marlin believed Nemo was dead. He decided to go without Dory. Dory who enjoyed Marlin’s company went a different direction where she encountered Nemo. Instantly, her memory of Marlin came back right away. She was confused but eventually remembered what Marlin was determined to do – find Nemo. Dory was glad she found Nemo and helped him find his father. Marlin was overjoyed to see Nemo and the three of them celebrated. Their joy was quickly cut short when Dory, along with a school of fish were caught in a fishing net. Nemo , having learned so much while away learned to believe in himself and help the fish get out of the fishing net. Marlin learned to believe in his son as well. With Nemo in the lead, the fishing net broke and all the fish escaped. The three went back home and the rest of the fish who were in the tank escaped but in little plastic bags. Nemo is the son of a clown fish Marlin and, moreover, the only thing that is left to him by his family because his wife and the rest of the eggs were lost after the attack of a barracuda. Is more cautious than Marlin and Nemo finally has his first day, annoying the caution of his father very much. Therefore Nemo decides to simply resist the instructions of his father and swim out into the open sea to get to know the life there, so right. Prompt the worst is true and Nemo is captured by a diver and ends up in an aquarium of a dentist's office. This is the beginning of a breathtaking Search by Marlin for his son Nemo and Nemo's attempt to come back again to his father ...

Film Critics:
Regarding animated Pixar Animation Studios is probably the only ones who are willing to learn, because after "Toy Story" and "Monsters, Inc." was believed that no longer really a new story that can convince you. However, all doubts are removed quickly, because after the fifth full-length animated film was completed, they could convince themselves of the progress.

Already at the beginning of the movie you will notice the substantial difference, because it begins very quietly and no funny comments or scenes can be found that one show of blues twins and more, namely that the genre has grown and become more mature. The familiar story, where a gag of chasing the others fall away, and thus exciting the touching father-son story works. Through the music of Thomas Newman that family history was, by far piano and string used, the finishing touch.

The animations themselves are truly unique. The whole world seems to live underwater, and the isolated views of the coral reefs are so beautiful with colorful and bright colors that we often compare it with real shots. The water was perfectly animated, ranging from the air bubbles to the subtle color differences. The play between light and shade far exceeds the imagination what you can do anything with computer technology. Also the characters look very realistic, and were perfectly animated. Each type exists in a character and so many characters occur, which have, however, act not boring, and therefore a memory effect. Marlin is the typical lone father who's worried about his son and tried him before all the evil in the world to protect. Nemo, however, is an adolescent boy, of course, is testing his limits and knows everything better than the father. Dory is the typical friend with whom one can simply consist of all adventures.

Positive effects of the narrative is replaced by the animations, many of the puns, the growing tension and division of the basic story in the adventures of the little Nemo, looking for his way home, and his father, and the other risks must survive to see his son again. Negative, there is only the representation of people say this, because they still appear far too awkward and non-round draw. Educationally, the message was conveyed that one should give his children the necessary freedom of adulthood, but to have an eye on her, but her experiences are required to collect himself.

One-time animation, but with less humor than before. A good story of growing up. Must see.

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