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QUOTE Reggie: Eh-hey Mr.sheldon whads haddnin? Mr.Sheldon: How many times do I have to tell ya dont open the potato chips before you pay for 'em? Reggie: Well you gonna have to tell me dat all da time cuz i like potato chip. Man Mr.Sheldon why you sweatin me man you no me i come up in here all the time? Mr.Sheldon: Because your a nickel and dime hustler, looking for the five finger discount, and i have to keep my eyes on you. Regie: man ima start goin to dwights cuz you dont lauh at my jokes or nothin. Mr.Sheldon: Dwight who? Reggie: D' white aorund your lip. im just kiddin Mr.Sheldon.Hey listen my baby gave me dees numbers to play. 15, 30, 37, 38, 45, 47. (starts beatboxing) 15, 30, 37, 38, do do do do do, 45 47!, do do do do do, 45 fourty-. Mr.Sheldon: There are others in line. Reggie: Alrite. How much i owe ya? Mr.Sheldon: $7.50 Reggie: (mocking) semm fidy. its fifty not semm fidy! Mr. Sheldon im'a kick your ass one day. i seen ya comin out da nursin home i started shootin *bap bap bap!* Later man! Mr.Sheldon: (angry) Later! Reggie: Hey i seen you pimpin at the club the other nite, pimp.
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MOVIE TITLE All About the Benjamins - 2002