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QUOTE This particular event happened last summer on my uncle’s farm in Virginia. My brother and I had just finished cutting a field of hay and were enjoying the evening meal under the shade of an elm tree. He went down for water by the creek and while he was gone, I took a bowl that was filled with delicious plum pudding and placed into it not one, but two large pieces of sheep shit! When he returned, I encouraged him to taste the plum pudding. And as sure as I am standing before you today, he did, he ate it all! Shit pudding! He ate shit pudding! (Tell him the ending, that’s the best part!) Oh, oh, yes. ….And to be completely honest sir, I have no brother! It was me! I ate sheep shit! I swear! I did! (the last guy mauled this story/quote and I had to fix it)
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MOVIE TITLE Almost Heroes - 1998