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QUOTE Tyler: sit tight, as far as he knows, were all playing on the same team! everybody wave! Mazzola: wave? sir were sitting ducks, if we shoot first we can blow him out of the sky!!! Tyler: and if we shoot and miss he's gonna radio in our position! plus that planes the least of out problems. Mazzola: this is crazy! your gonna get us killed! ( all watch plane turn back towards them ) Mazzola: he's coming around! he's coming around! its an attack! do somthing! Tyler: shut up! rabbit egnore him! Mazzola: DO somthing its coming right at us rabbit, do somthing. Tyler: Acknoledge me steven parker! steven parker, im ordering you ,do not fire that weapon! get your finger off that trigger!!!! Mazzola: pull the trigger, pull the trigger! were all gonna die!!! do it!!! DO IT!!!!! (plane flyes over them and they all duck) (mazzola gives rabbit a weird look) (tyler grabs Mazzola and punches him) tyler: this is not a god damn democracy!!!!!! Trigger: sir! i see a mast on the horizon!
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MOVIE TITLE U-571 - 2000