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QUOTE ~I can't believe you guys. Do you both wake up in the morning, call eachother up. Good morning Marcus, Good morning Mike. How you doing? Aight! So how we gonna fuck up the captians life today? Dje I don't know. Look over there, lets kill three fat people and leave them on the street. ~Heey, they were dead before we ran over them. ~ It doesn't matter weter they were dead or not god dammed! Everytime you leave a corps on the street. I!!! Have to get these forensic corner guys come in to see what happend. Then I gotta get detectives. See detecting shit. Then I gotta the forensic guys to stick them back in the fuckin bag!!!!
HINT 1 Car chase fat doe's
HINT 2 Captian gets pissed
MOVIE TITLE Bad Boys II - 2003