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QUOTE One day I was partyin in my basement and I always used to get, like, pissed off inside cuz I would wanna party really heavy and no one else would, ya know? And then all a sudden Mark came over and, uh, either I had a bottle a vodka or he had a bottle a vodka, but anyway we were drinkin vodka and I'se, I was so happy that I found someone who would drink vodka with me, you know? So, um and then, Mark would drink vodka with me all the time. We'd - we'd uh, you know, I'd go over there all the time and we'd buy a fifth of vodka and we'd share it, you know, and uh, that really made me happy.
HINT 1 mike
HINT 2 vodka
MOVIE TITLE American Movie: The Making of Northwestern - 1999