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QUOTE You watched Kenneth Joyce. How did he strike you? Did he seem specially sensitive? Did he seem so remarkable that you said to yourselves *Of course. This man would notice things other people wouldn't*. Do you believe that Kenneth Joyce saw something in that room that those other three men did not see. In all the time that Sarah was pinned down on that Pinball machine, that other people didn't know? Kenneth Joyce confessed to you that he watched a rape and did nothing. He told you that everyone in that bar behaved badly and he was right. But no matter how immoral it may be, it is not the crime of criminal solicitation to walk away from a rape. It is not the crime of criminal solicitation to watch a rape. But it is the crime of criminal solicitation to induce, or entreat, or encourage, or persuade another person to commit a rape.
HINT 1 Jodi Foster
HINT 2 Oscar
MOVIE TITLE Accused, The - 1988