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QUOTE this guy raps like his parents jerked him. he souds like eric sermon the generic version. this whole crowd looks suspicios, itz all dudes in here except for these bitches. so im a german ay? thatz ok, your a fukin worm with braids. the leaders of the freeworld rookies, looky, how can 6 diks be pussies?. talkin bout shits creek, bitch u culd be apiss creek wit paddles ur this deep, ur still gonna sink. ur a disgrace, yea they call me rabbit but this is a turtle race. you cant get wit me spitten this shit wickedly lickidy shot spickidly lickity pilt quickily. and ima turn around wit a great big smile and walk my wite ass bak 2 8 mile
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MOVIE TITLE 8 Mile - 2002