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QUOTE We all heard what happened at the skating rink today. When Whitey brought up your sad past, you snapped and walked a-way. Well maybe they're onto something, that you should give a try. Go ahead and let it out and have yourself a cry. Soldiers:Let it out, Davey. Davey:Ahhhh shut your wooden mugs! Dress:Let it out, Davey. GNC:Would ya check out her bezugs? Davey:You want me to deal with pain, well cheers is what I say! GNC:This here stuff just numbs the pain, it don't make it go away. Grandma:You try to act so tough! Foot Locker:But you just live a lie! Dress:Why don't you show your feminine side and have yourself a cry! Coffee:Let it out, Davey. Davey:I'll pour you down the sink. Chair:Ya gotta do it, Davey. Davey:Ya'll can bite my dink! Davey:You labels and logos are wasting your time, making me sit here. Cause nothing you can say or do will make me shed a tear. Panda:He possesses a strong spirit, and won't let down his guard. Foot Locker:So now we'll bring him the big gun! His beautiful Chanukah card! (Card floats down and opens) Parents:Happy Chanukah to our wonderful son. You fill our lives with joy. Don't ever change the way you are, you beautiful, 12 year old, boy.
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MOVIE TITLE 8 Crazy Nights - 2002