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QUOTE You see, scummings like fishing. If you're dream girl were a fish what would she be? 2) I don't know, tuna? 1) Yeah! No. A marlin. A big trophy fish. You know to catch a marlin you have to use entirely different skills. I mean, you don't go out Marlin fishing with a sorry ass fold-out pole six pound test. No. That'll do for bass, but it sure ain't shit gonna land a Marlin. See you got to up your game. You've got to know where the elusive beauties lise, you gotta know where to fish. They're rare brother, they're rare. Most days you don't catch shit but when you do...wham! The two of you are back at the dock takin pictures.
HINT 1 moo
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE Buying the Cow - 2000