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QUOTE Now I'm not here tonight complaining about twenty-three of your brave men beating three of my boys until they couldn't stand. Maybe they had it coming. Anyway they're full grown and can take their lickin's. Neither am I here complaining that you're trying to buy the Big Muddy, to keep my cows from water. Although I will say it's galling to see the daughter of a genuine, gentleman like Glenn Maragon under this roof! I'll tell you why I'm here Major Terrill!! The next time you come a-bustin' and a-blazin' into my place, scarin' the kids and the womenfolks, when you invade my home, like you was the law or God almighty, then I say to you, I've seen every kind of critter God ever made, and I ain't never seen a meaner, lower, more pitiful yellow stinking hyprocrite than you! Now you can swallow up a lot of folks and make them like it, but you ain't swallowing me!! I'm stuck in your craw Major Terrill, and you can't spit me out!
HINT 1 Burl Ives
HINT 2 Big they fought! Big they loved! Big their story!
MOVIE TITLE Big Country, The - 1958