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QUOTE 1) Okay Children lets do a few math problems, whats 5 times 2? Yes Clyde. 2) 12 1) Lets try to call on someone who is not a complete retard 3) I think I know the answer Mr. Garison 4) (mimmicks) 3) Shut up Fat Boy! 4) Hey don't call me fat you fucking Jew! 1) Eric! Did you say the f word? 4) Jew? 3) No hes talking about Fuck, you can't say fuck in school you fucking fatass! 1) Kyle! 4) Why the fuck now? 1) Eric? 6) Dude you just said Fuck again! 1) Stanley! 7) Fook! 1) Kenny! How would you like to see that school counsler!? 4) How would you like to suck my balls. (gasps) 1) WHAT DID YOU SAY!!?? 4) Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry, what I said was HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS, MR. GARISON? 3) Holy shit dude.
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MOVIE TITLE South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - 1999