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QUOTE so i jump ship in hong kong make my way to tibet and get a job on a course over there in the himilayins as a looper. you know a looper a jock a caddy. so i tell em' im a pro jock and guess who they give me the dali lama himself 12th son of the lama the flowing robe, the grace, striking. so we're on the first tee and i hang him the driver and he hauls off and wacks one - big hitter the lama- onto a 1000 foot cliff at the edge of this glacier, and he turns to me and you know what he says? gunga lagunga, gunga unga gunga lagunga. so we finish up 18... and he's gonna stiff me so i say to him hey... lama... hey how about something you know for the effort you know. and he says to me oh uhh there will be no money, but when you die, on your death bed you will recieve total conscienceness. so i got that going for me, which is nice.
HINT 1 looper
HINT 2 shack
MOVIE TITLE Caddyshack - 1980