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QUOTE Prince Wendell: And now, for the greatest bravery imaginable. For courage in face of relentless and terrible danger, I award my dear friends the highest medals in my Kingdom. Firstly, my temporary manservant, Antony. My people, look upon my friend. No longer is he spineless and wallowing in self pity. Anthony 'Tony' Lewis: Thanks. Prince Wendell: No longer is he a balding useless coward who would rather run than fight. Anthony 'Tony' Lewis: I think they get the point. Prince Wendell: No longer is he selfishly driven by envy and greed. Anthony 'Tony' Lewis: Just give me the medal. Prince Wendell: No. He is heroically transformed. What braver man could exist? Antony the Valiant
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MOVIE TITLE 10th Kingdom, The - 2000