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QUOTE Jim: Do you know I was thinking? Selena: You were thinking that you'll never hear another piece of original music ever again. You'll never read a book that hasn't already been written or see a film that hasn't already been shot. Jim: Um, that's what you were thinking. Selena: No. I was thinking I was wrong. Jim: About what? Selena: All the death. All the shit. It doesn't really mean anything to Frank and Hannah because... Well, she's got a Dad and he's got his daughter. So, I was wrong when I said that staying alive is as good as it gets. Jim: See, that's what I was thinking. Selena: Was it? Jim: Hmm. You stole my thought. Selena: Sorry. Jim: It's okay. You keep it.
HINT 1 England
HINT 2 28
MOVIE TITLE 28 Days Later - 2002