Quotes Description

QUOTE 1. Where's the birthday girl, then? (Sally steps up) Why do you think everything the Peep's make taste so good, Sally Shepardess? 2. (chuckles) I don't right as know. Used to be that there's a magic well in town but well's dried up, everyone knows that. 1. Do they now? Well, since you're 18, I'm going to let you in on the family secret. Go on, boys.(farmers brush away the hay from the floor) The reason there's no more magic water in the village well is because me and my brother DIVERTED the stream, 40 years ago. The Peep's have all the magic now!(trap doors open revealing a pit with magic sparkles)Let's have a look at your sheep. 3. Ugly bugger, isn't he? 1. Can't see him winning you the lovely Shepardess competition. Well: What do you wash in my magic waters? 1. Fill this sheep with your goodness and life. (sheep is raised better-looking and Sally giggles) 2. Wilf, it's amazing! 1. Don't you ever breathe a word to anyone or I'll cut your throat. Grandchild or no grandchild.
HINT 1 The Peep's secret.
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE 10th Kingdom, The - 2000