Quotes Description

QUOTE 1. The time has come for me to point the finger at the REAL killer. Because...because last night, there was another man walking around dressed as a wolf, YES! (laughs) The man in the wolf mask is the REAL killer! And that murdering piece of FILTH is the one supposed to be on this witness stand now! 2. The honor of playing the wolf in the annual fair has always gone to an unimpeachable member of our society. 1. I don't care, bring the sleazebag in, let me cross-examine him and I guarantee we'll have our murderer. 2. And when that honor was bestowed on ME-last week, I was only to happy to accept. 1. I'm most dreadfully sorry, your Honor.
HINT 1 Virginia defending Wolf
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE 10th Kingdom, The - 2000