Quotes Description

QUOTE 1. Oh, Virginia! I was just about to lose my mind, I've about given up all hope.(light reveals the Huntsman)2. That was the right thing to do. I move slowly but I always get what I want. Where's the dog called Prince? Where's the girl? 1. Just go to hell. (huntsman puts a knife against his neck)2. I will not ask you again. 1. Go ahead, kill me, I don't even care anymore! 2. You will tell me everything long before you die. (turns around to see Virginia whacking him unconscious in the head with her torch) 3. Get up and come with me. 1. I can't get up, my back is broken. 3. No it's not. 1. What do you-hey, it does feel better.
HINT 1 Tony and the Huntsman
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE 10th Kingdom, The - 2000