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QUOTE 1. Where is Wendell in our hour of need, WHERE IS HE? He was supposed to be performing prearranged acts of bravery before his coronation and now that there's a real crisis, he's just run away, he's-He's not fit to be king, write that down, put it down! 2. Sir, forgive me, I have the most dreadful news. 3. What is it? 2. Vicount Lansky's horse has returned from the Great Forest...riderless. 1. Gentlemen, we have run out of options. We must accept military assistance from the first and ninth kingdoms. The price of their aid however, is indeed high. The 4th kingdom will be divided into quarters and run by the counsel of the nine kingdoms in perpiturity and Wendell will forego any chance or EVER taking the throne. 4. NO! NO! I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT! I'VE BEEN PLANNING THIS CORONATION FOR 3 AND A HALF YEARS! 1. Forget the coronation, Lord Rupert, we must sign away soverignty or lose everything.
HINT 1 The Troll crisis
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE 10th Kingdom, The - 2000