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QUOTE i think i know the answer mr garrison..nanananana.. shutup fat boy! aight dont call me fat u fucken jew! HUHH DID U JUST SAY THE F WORD?? Jew? no.. hes talking about fuck, u cant say fuck in school u fucken fatass.KYLE! why the fuck not? dude u just said fuck again..STANLEY! fuck? KENNY! HOW WOULD U LIKE TO GO SEE THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR? how would u like to suck my balls, mr garrison? huhh what did u say?? im sorry im sorry, actually..what i said was (gets on loudspeaker) HOW WOULD U LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS MR GARRISON? .. HOLY SHIT DUDE!!
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MOVIE TITLE South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - 1999