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QUOTE (from t.v. show)-I made out with not one, but both of her hands!~QT I'm a make a wish kid, and I wish to go with them.~QT (about killing his fish) He was a real pain in the ass.~QT I was trying to tell you guys that on my book tour I made out with 5 girls in 1 night.~QT Your face is like an upside down rainbow, your smile brings out the sun, and that's why you're my best friend.~mickey 2 QT Funtabulous.~mickey I'm on top of dancer mountain and you're staring straight up my ass!~doug You know that I cried at Patch Adams, no one knows that!~jerry Go dipe you baby brother old man!~QT to doug You can't tell me what to do. I'm through with taking orders. I am the master of my own destiny.~QT I'm Mickey and I'm mad at everyone about everything.~QT 2gether what a joke~QT Drop Dead.~QT He looks weird! Is he from Europe?~QT Na man, you know how to party.~ QT Dude! I look awesome!~QT You used to beat me up, but you never hurt me until now. ~QT Shut your ass Doug! ~QT This sucks bunnies don't eat any body~QT You're screwed dude.~QT You can't do this! I'm a Make A Wish kid, and I wish to go with them! ~QT DONT DISS MY FISH!~QT I was listening to the radio yesterday, and I heard this song from some guy named Eminems. He said that....that I annoyed him...and that he was sent here to destroy me....I don't know why! But he's gonna....and I'm scared! (hugs pillow) He's scary looking! He has white hair, like the....like a DEVIL or something! And I know, I KNOW he's here somewhere! I know it! I know he's here.....Doug told me that he's not here, but I know he is. He has this name, that doesn't sound evil......Eminems......but he IS evil....I know it!!!.... I'm so scared~chad You're right! I like office supplies, but I don't love them.~QT That retainer fit me perfectly...like it was made for me.~CHAD It was made for you.~doug Dude! I look awesome!
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MOVIE TITLE 2gether - 2000