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QUOTE Deakons: Hale! Pick-up! Pick-up! C'mon, buddy, pick-up the phone. Hale: Buddy,huh?!? You son of a bitch, you almost killed me! D: Well that don't mean I don't like you. Hell I'm impressed. I'd figureyou'd done left by now. H: Yeah, well you figured wrong, and guess what? Now I've got the nukes.(beeping)You haer that? That's me punching in the wrong codes. Pretty soon there going to be nothing but paperweights. D: Oustanding, Hale, that's the spirit! Oh-no! I'm totaly screwed now! Unless of course I already thought of that. H: Your kidding? D: I used uncoded circut boards. You've just activated a nuclear warhead my friend. H: Fuck!! D: Setting off that bomb was part of my plan from day one. You know what, Hale, I considered bringing you in on this You know why I didn't? H: Because I would've said no! D: If you wpould've said no, I'd of just killed you. No.., Iwas afraid you were going to say yes because you would't have the balls to go through with something this. H:(To Carmicheal)How deep is this mine? C: Uh, uh, 2,000 feet.
MOVIE TITLE Broken Arrow - 1996