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QUOTE Robertson: Now y'all might thing we're just a group of sad, sorry, sumbitches out here in a field jerkin each other off. Or you might just think...that we know somethin! I'm gonna tell you somethin else. The federal government has a computer. Now this computer is wired to a computer in Jerusalem (rolls eyes) and Moscow! Other guy: There's something in the river, Mr. Robertson. Robertson: Where? Other guy: I saw something...under the water, sir. Robertson: Son...it's okay to be nervous, okay? Uh...there's enough explosives in that boat to blow up every post office in this country, you know, but no one knows we're here. No one knows our plans. (The Bluesmobile emerges from the water and takes their boat with it, on top of the car. Elwood rolls down his window.) Mack: Hey, yous guys havin a picnic? (They all point their guns at Bluesmobile.) Robertson: Don't shoot, you might hit the boat! Elwood: What boat? Robertson: That's the International Jewish Communist Conspiracy in action people! One of their spy satellites must have picked up our location... Kill them!
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MOVIE TITLE Blues Brothers 2000 - 1998