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QUOTE Mother Mary: I wasn't sure if you were going to come, Elwood. Elwood: Hey, a letter from you is like a command, sister. Mother Mary: Actually, it's Mother Mary now. Elwood: That's a promotion, isn't it? Mother Mary: I was sorry to hear about Jake. Elwood: Yeah. I guess he's in a much better place. (Looks at statue of Jesus and jumps.) Where is Curtis? Mother Mary: Curtis has gone on as well, Elwood. I'm sorry. Elwood: So that's why he stopped writin me. Curtis was the closest thing Jake and I had to a father. He gave us the music. Mother Mary: You didn't know that Curtis had a son, did you? Elwood: Curtis had a son? Mother Mary: Long before he came to us at St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud he had a musical group that toured the juke joints of the midwest. In one town, Curtis had an affair with a married woman. Elwood: Go Curtis! (Mother Mary hits him with her pointer.) I mean, that's terrible! Mother Mary: That's what I thought you meant!
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MOVIE TITLE Blues Brothers 2000 - 1998