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QUOTE Went in for a checkup the other day, the doctor stick his finger up my hind-end. Doesn't even tell me, just does it. I'm standin' there, I'm like, 'Hey, you gonna watch the ballgame?' All of a sudden- WHAT IN THE WORLD? Then he said he found something. I'm like FOUND SOMETHING??! I didn't even know you was LOOKIN' for nothin' up there!! I'm all bent outta shape. What in the world is in my hind-end? Hope it's the remote control, I ain't seen it in 3 weeks. Daggum, no wonder every time I fart, the volume goes up on that TV set over there. Found something in my hind-end? Now that's the WORST dentist I've been to in about 5 year.
HINT 1 Larry the Cable Guy
HINT 2 Rednecks telling Redneck jokes
MOVIE TITLE Blue Collar Comedy Tour - 2003