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QUOTE I remember being about 3, and I'm standing on the front seat of the car with my dad. And every time he would turn a corner I would make the sound of tires squeeling. My dad would go 'Quit squeelin' my tires!' All of a sudden it dawned on me, what was I doing STANDING ON THE FRONT SEAT OF THE CAR!??!? See, back in those days kids weren't too good to go through the windshield with the rest of the family! When my kids were 3, I couldn't back outta the driveway unless they were in a car seat with a shoulder strap and a safety fit. Thinking back, I can vividly recall riding all the way to Florida laying in the back window of the car!!! People behind us going 'Harold, is that one of those bobbing dogs?' 'No, that's a skinny kid with a big head. Boy, what a big head.' My dad slammed on the breaks, you went bouncing round the car like a pinball game!
HINT 1 Jeff Foxworthy
HINT 2 Rednecks telling Redneck jokes
MOVIE TITLE Blue Collar Comedy Tour - 2003