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QUOTE dux:shidoshi, i feel like ive lost part of family too, shingo and i were close friends, like brothers, and you and mrs. tanaka have treated me like a son,.... what will happen now? Tanaka: no more training i stop now. dux: but you have so much to teach. Tanaka: you dont understand in the war i lost my first family, my son, daughter, and wife they live in hiroshima i left japan because of the war, war was wrong, i came here to start over, begin a new family, have a son, another chance to pass on the teaching, for two thousnad years knowledge passes from father to son father to son.... when shingo died it stopped. dux: teach me i can do it Tanaka: you are not japanese YOU ARE NOT A TANAKA! dux: you tought me using any techinique that works never to limit myself to one style TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND! Tanaka: Why? Dux: to honor you shidoshi.
HINT 1 van damme
HINT 2 jean claude
MOVIE TITLE Bloodsport - 1988