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QUOTE Diego:heyy happy to see u Jerge, my brother George: no more brothers Diego Diego: why do u say that? George: huh? Diego: you heard me Jerge, of course we are brothers George: you fucked me Diego: i did not ::weird laughing:: George: yeah you did, you went behind my back, you cut me out, you fucked me Diego: me?! no! never Jerge ::stupid lil laugh:: never mm mm George: i talked to Derek Diego: well, maybe ur right, maybe I did betray u alil bit, yahhhh yeah i stole ur California connection so what?! mm who introduce you to Pablo Escobar?! huh?? me me who introduce u to ur FUCKING colombian wife?! hmm? me! WHO PROTECT YOU when my friend Cicerosa want to slice your fucking throat!!?!?! uh me who made u make millions and millions of dollars?? me! and what do i get in return? this?!...accuisations?! i have always given u everything Jerge.. always but that is over now ::bites finger:: yahh you know this is my operation, my dream so go home ::hand motion nck:: back home, go home go back to your stupid lil life go back and sell half grams to your fucking2 relatives for all i care because u are out ::yells colombian:: because your out! and dont be so emotional Jerge, we are brothers, we are brothers ahhh ::george pulls unloaded trigger:: ::speaks colombian:: George: next time its fucking loaded Diego: ::does holy cross:: bye! bye bye bye bye bye...bye..
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MOVIE TITLE Blow - 2000