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QUOTE [doorbell rings, #2 answers, #1 is standing on porch] 1) Four weeks, twenty papers, thats two dollars. 2) Sorry, I don't got a dime. 1) Don't want a dime. Two dollars. 2) Its a funny story, you see my mom had to leave early to take my little brother to school and my dad to work so.. 1) [threateningly] Two dollars. 2) The thing is, this morning my little brother got his arm caught in the microwave and my mom had to take him to the hospital, then my grandma dropped some acid and she kinda freaked out and hijacked a schoolbus...full of penguins. So its kinda a family emergency so if you could just come back later? Thanks. [shuts door quickly]
HINT 1 1985
HINT 2 john cusack
MOVIE TITLE Better Off Dead... - 1985