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QUOTE come on sit down relax,ya know im sorry but the party was a alittle qucik but we are just damn glad your back derek, its only natural the you should feel a little funny.i don't feel funny cam.ya know you made fat kid a little nervous,he thinks the joint messed with your mind.it did.you see things have changed since you've been gone derek.you talk about orginization,wait till you've seen what we have done with the internet.we've got every gang from seatle down to sandiego workig together now there not competeing any more they're consolidated the only thing we lack is a little over all leadership,and thats where you come in.those people out there they have got alot of respect for you derek,when your'e ready you outta come and talk to me about it derek.well you can forget about that.im done with it cam.yea well i know you've grew out of that shaved head bullshit a long time ago but i-i like yer hair the way it is now.you see thats what i mean derek we are thinking bigger now..no more of this grocerie store-your not listeing to me....i am done with it,all that bullshit out there and all of your bullshit too im out.i understand how you feel i mean you've just done some hard time.DONT YOU FUCKIN TALK TO ME ABOUT HARD TIME YOU DONT KNOW A THING ABOUT IT.hey,i've done mine.YOU DIDNT DO SHIT,I FOUND OUT ABOUT YOU'RE LITTLE PRISON STORY YOU DID TWO MONTHS THEN YOU ROLLED OVER ON TWO KIDS AND LET THEM GO down FOR YOU,SO DONT FEED ME YOUR FUCKIN LIES CAMRON.alright,this is stupid im done look you go cool off,get laid,do something.get your head on straight then ill talk to you.YEA BUT IT DOESNT REALLY EVEN MATTER IF I DO OR IF I DONT DOES IT CAUSE YOU GOT CROP ALL LINED UP AND READY TO GO
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MOVIE TITLE American History X - 1998