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QUOTE Stiffler:JEESUS! you fuckin stalker Finch: your not a very stealthy theif Stiffler: oh really well guess what shitbreak its a wedding everything is free... what do u want? Finch: Jims grandmother doesnt approve of the wedding we are trying to run an interferance and reluctantly... im asking for your help Stiffler: Sorry finchmiester... i got plans with cadence Finch: could u not think about your dick for once and do somethign helpful Stiffler: fuck you finch... you didnt eat shit...ok you didnt prance around like a ballerina this whole week... suck mya ss this....your special im special were all just a bunch of special fuckers arent we well ima gonna get laid finchfucker and its gona be like you like this shit momma? and shes gonna be like fucking right doggy give it to me suck on my nipples like your like your milkin a cow......
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MOVIE TITLE American Wedding - 2003