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QUOTE well look on the bright side hell else can happen... (PUTS GUN TO HIS HEAD) 1HI 2HI 3HI nadia HEY WALTER nadia just stay out of this... GIRL three YOUR A SHARP BITCH... (GETS KNIFE ON HIS BELLY ah ah ah ah (police car...) oh shit the car drop the gun (SAID THIRD GIRL) hey hey hey there were three one put a gun right to my head the other got a knife out of her trunk.. get out of freaking there hey hey hey... Three girls two with a leather jacket and one with patches right here... what how much have you been drinking tonight sir. (walter does as man tells him) Good head back eyes closed arms out arms out. Now with the tip of your hand touch your nose, good now the other hand. Now keep your eyes closed and raise your right foot aka just for ten seconds...
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MOVIE TITLE Blind Date - 1987