Quotes Description

QUOTE 1. ******, your friends are really delightful. I just love them. 2. Well, they're kinda rough, you know, around the edges, but if you're ever in a ham, wham, they're right there. 1. And wham, when we needed you, you were right there. 2. That was just a lucky break for me, baby. 1. Oh, thank you so much for offering us your home. Oh, I mean your pad. It's very nice. 2. Well now, wait a minute. You know, this is the low-rent district, remember? 1. No, no, no, I like it, well, uh-- well, all it needs is a little tidying up and, well, maybe a little feminine touch. 2. Well, if you're applying for the job, well-- 3. (to 4.) Goody. Mother's going to work for mister *'******. 2. Boy, your eyes are like sapphires. Gee. Huh. That's pretty corny, though, huh? 1. No, not at all. Any woman would like it. Oh, I, I mean, even little *****. 2. Yeah. All those little kittens, *******. I love 'em. 1. And they are very fond of you.
HINT 1 70s movie
HINT 2 Animated
MOVIE TITLE Aristocats, The - 1970