Quotes Description

QUOTE 1. You know, they need-- well, you know, a sort-- well a sort of a-- well, a father around. 2. Oh, ******, ******, that would be wonderful. Oh, darling, if, if only I could. 1. But why can't you? 2. Because of Madame. I-- I could never leave her. 1. But-- but Madame is-- well, she's just another human. You're just her house pets. 2. Oh no, no, we mean far more to her than that. Oh, sorry my dear. We just have to go home tomorrow. 1. Yeah. Well.. I guess you know best. And I'm gonna miss you, baby. Huh, and those kids. Gee, I'm gonna miss them too. 3. Well, we almost had a father. 4. Yeah. Let's go back to bed. 1. Good night, *******. 2. Good night, ******.
HINT 1 70s movie
HINT 2 Animated
MOVIE TITLE Aristocats, The - 1970