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QUOTE (B)(I)Connor: well, name one thing your going to need the stupid fuckin rope for. Murph: that was way easier than I thought. Connor: aye. Murph: you know on t.v you always got that guy that jumps over the sofa... Connor:...then you've got to shoot em for ten fuckin minutes. Murph: yea. Connor: now what, do you think is in that little case there? *pats Murph on the back* ...fuck me. Murph: woah, the hits just keep on commin. *hits Connor on the head with money* Connor: ow, give it a smell. Murph: I love our new job.
HINT 1 Norman Reedus
HINT 2 Sean Patrick Flanery
MOVIE TITLE Boondock Saints, The - 1999