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QUOTE Murph: you can take credit on that ya know. Rocco: you serious? Murph: yea....if you think about it, its all you can do really, I mean you cant go in there and tell them it was us. Connor: climb the carpet latter boy, Don Rocco. Rocco: fuck it, im doing it, I deserve it, ive been workin for those fagget bastards since I was in high school, I mean look at this place, their fuckin me man. they can suck my pathedic little dick and i'll dip my nuts in maranara sauce just so that fat bastards can get a taste at home while their at it. *Connor and Murphy laughing* Fuck it, im doing it, it is DONE! *Cat get shot off table* All Three: Fuck, shit i'm hit. Murph: I cant believe that just fuckin happened! Rocco: is it dead? Murph: oh my god!
HINT 1 David Della Rocco
HINT 2 Norman Reedus & Sean Patrick Flanery
MOVIE TITLE Boondock Saints, The - 1999