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QUOTE Murphy: Where the fuck are you going, did you tell him? Connor: Of coarse I fuckin' told him. Murphy: Well what the fuck? Rocco: Hey, you guys dont know that shit for sure. Murphy: your such a fuckin' retard. Man, use your fuckin' brain for once is it so unbelievable that they dont fuckin' care about ya!? Rocco: Oh yeah you two fuckin mincs know whats going on. Connor: Roc, its not a fuckin' thing you should gamble on alright! Rocco: Im the fuck outta here. Murphy: Fine, fuck it! What kind of flowers do you want at your funeral you dumb wop, cause its the last time im gunna see ya! Rocco: I'll be back at nine, burry the fuckin' cat. Connor: Listen you get in there, you start to get a bad vibe you get the fuck out quick!
HINT 1 Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery
HINT 2 David Della Rocco
MOVIE TITLE Boondock Saints, The - 1999