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QUOTE Malcom: Reverand, I come to testify! Big Momma: What's he doin here! Reverend: Now, now this is God's house. We all welcome here. Big Momma: Yeah, maybe all except him! Reverand: (hands him microphone) Now wobble wobble, and drop it like it's hot. Malcolm: I come to today to ask for understanding...I believe the good book says, If you don't know me, don't judge me. Trent: THAT was Tupac. Malcolm: Tupac, right. Well Trent what does it say? Trent: Mom says that Jesus said we should one another as we love ourselves. Nolan: That was a old Al Green lyric, I got it on the A-Track in ma car! Girl: Paramedic? NOLAN is a security guard at the lumber yard! Nolan: HEAD security guard ok! I got two men and three dogs workin up under me!
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MOVIE TITLE Big Momma's House - 2000